A Tale of Two Campgrounds
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Noise In Our Parks and Forests

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When creating Parkcamper, we asked numerous campers at campgrounds across America what they would like to know about a campground before making reservations or planning their trip. We were not surprised to hear "noise" as the number one answer, even ahead of how the campground looks. The truth is, most campgrounds in national forests or national parks look nice because that is the nature of national parks and national forests. These lands were set aside from development for a reason.

As visitors to national parks and national forests know, not all campgrounds are created equal. Some seem to be mere afterthoughts, tucked away in hidden nooks. Others have entrance stations which require you to stop and pay before entering the campground, causing traffic jams, noise pollution and dirty air. Below you will find two mp3 files of two campgrounds Parkcamper.com staff have visited in the last year. We feel that audio says quite a bit about a campground, and we think you'll agree after hearing the clips. Which campground would you rather stay at?

Campground 1:

Campground 2:

While not all differences between campgrounds are so extreme, they can and do occur. We plan to reveal these specific campgrounds in a week or so.

As you can hear, there's much more to our great national park and national forest campgrounds than a few photos on the web. This is why you won't hear cheesy music or pointless narration in our realistic videos. What you see is what you get, just like you'd be standing in the campground. It is this realistic experience which fostered the drive to create Parkcamper.com, and to help those visiting our parks and forests save time and money. We hope you found this page useful.




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