Grand Canyon National Park
deep, red colored  endless canyon


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Grand Canyon National Park is truly a wonder of the world. There are several places in the National Park system that make you shake your head in disbelief when you see them for the first time (The Grand Tetons coming from Jackson Hole, Many Glacier in Glacier National Park), and the Grand Canyon is right at the top of that list. Over millions of years, the forces of nature have carved out an impossible landscape. It's one of those things you simply have to see for yourself. The mighty Colorado river averages a width of 300 feet and a depth of 40 feet as it plunges through the massive landscape it helped carve. When looking out over the canyon, you get a very unique sense of the extreme power it took to create such a landscape.

There are a multitude of ways for the visitor to explore and enjoy Grand Canyon National Park such as camping, hiking, rafting, wildlife watching and enjoying some of the dining at official park lodges.

Protection for the Grand Canyon started in 1906 when President Theodore Roosevelt proclaimed the Grand Canyon Game Preserve. This designation was later modified to The Grand Canyon National Monument in 1908 by Presidential Proclamation #794. The Grand Canyon finally received full national park status on February 26, 1919. The park was then enlarged by the Grand Canyon National Park Enlargement Act on January 3, 1975.

Park facts:

Total acreage: 1,217,403
Square Miles: 1,902
Length: 277 river miles
10-18 miles average Rim to Rim
Colorado River gradient: 8 feet per mile
Average canyon depth: 1 mile
Picnic areas: 12
Drive-in campgrounds: 5
Trails: 200 miles + "routes"
Fish species 26
Mammal species: 88
Bird species: 287
Reptiles and Amphibians: 58 species
Plant species: 1,500
Biotic life zones: 5
Endangered condors: 10 to 40
Human artifacts between 3,000 and 4,000 years old
National Historic Landmarks: 4 unique 2 districts
National Register of Historic Places: 3 unique, 4 districts
Visitation in 2007: 4,413,668

Grand Canyon National Park
PO Box 129
Grand Canyon, AZ 86023
Visitor Information
(928) 638-7888
Fax (928) 638-7797