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Redwood is at the top of the list for car camping. We at Parkcamper have seen many great campgrounds, and Redwood's are truly outstanding. They are: Mill Creek, Elk Prairie and Gold Bluffs campgrounds. Unlike many other camping sites, we've actually been to Redwood and are proud to present this content to you for trip planning. Also, all of this content is original. has a high quality content policy. Every picture you see in a national park or national forest section was taken in that specific park by staff.

By clicking the campgrounds on the interactive camping map, you will be taken to that campground's specific page for color photos, campground facts and video tours.

If you enjoy car camping, lonely sand beaches and the largest trees on earth, Redwood National Park is the perfect camping location. All of the campgrounds in Redwood National Park are easy to get to except for Gold Bluffs campground. A rugged and narrow dirt road winds through rain forest, and is not suitable for most RV's and trailers. Please remember that Redwood National Park is bear country. Use the provided bear boxes at various sites. Please do not bring scented items such as soap, toothpaste or shampoo into your tent. Instead, place these items in the bear boxes or in your sealed and locked vehicle. If camping in the backcountry, please follow all pertinent rules. You can either obtain a bear canister from the visitor centers, or you can hang your food from a tree branch. Just make sure you are 200 feet from your tent, 15 feet high, 10 feet out and 5 feet below the branch.

Backcountry users will find great joy in Redwood, camping near beaches, fern gullies and ancient forests. Backcountry camping is permitted only in designated campsites. They are:

Little Bald Hills Camp
5 sites allowing horses and/or bikes, fire rings, bear lockers, non-potable water, horse trough, corral, toilet, tables. It is very important that you bring drinking water. No permit required. Length of trail required to reach the campground is 3.3 miles, and the difficulty rating is strenuous.

Nickel Creek Camp
5 sites, fire rings, bear lockers, and toiler. Nickel creak is located 1/4 mile from the Pacific. No permit required. The Park Service recommends filtering the stream water before drinking. This is a remote coastal campground with a focus on Enderts Beach. Fantastic country. Rated at a moderate difficulty. 0.5 miles from north access, 6 miles from southern access.

DeMartin Camp
10 sites, bear lockers, fire rings, toilet and picnic tables. Please carry your own drinking water. Outstanding ocean vistas with a moderate difficulty rating. 3.5 miles from north access, 3.3 miles from south access. No permit required.

Flint Ridge
11 sites, bear lockers, fire rings, toilets, no permit required. Bring water. Difficulty rating is strenuous. 4.5 miles from west access, 0.25 miles from west access.

Ossagon Creek
3 sites, bikes allowed. Sites include fire rings, bear lockers, picnic tables. This site does require a fee and permit,available from the Prairie Creek Visitor Center. Use the Prairie Creek Visitor Center parking lot for overnight parking. Access to this campground is rated as moderate with several steep grades.

Miners Ridge
3 sites with picnic tables, bear lockers, fire rings, toilet and potable water. This site also requires a permit and fee from the Prairie Creek Visitor Center. Overnight parking is available at the visitor center lot. Access is rated as moderate.

Elam Creek
3 sites, horses permitted. Non-potable water, corral, fir rings, bear locker and picnic tables. Features Orick Horse Trail. Access is rated as strenuous. !2 stock animal limit. Side section known as 44 camp, 4 sites open to backpackers only.

Redwood Creek
This campground set specifically on the gravel bars of Redwood Creek campground is the only one in the park where dispersed camping is permitted. There are no features such as fire rings or picnic tables. You are not allowed to camp on the gravel bars from the first seasonal bridge and within 1/4 mile of Tall Trees Grove. You need a permit to camp here. These are available at the Thomas H. Kuchel Visitor Center. Winter camping varies tremendously due to fluctuating water levels. Inquire at the visitor center before making any concrete plans.

Regulations for backcountry camping/travel:

1. No pets, firearms, motors or hunting.
2. Overnight stays limited to five consecutive days and 15 in a calendar year.
3. The Park Service recommends visiting the information centers about latest conditions and ticks. It seems ticks are a growing problem.
4. Do not "clean" new ground for camping. Please stay in established,designated campsites. Stay on trail.
5. Pack out all trash. No one wants to see your litter in the pristine forest. If you smoke, please take your cigarette butts back with you.
6. Do not dispose of garbage in toilets.
7. Dig holes 6-8 inches deep for your bathroom sessions 100 feet from water and remember to bury it (some people don't).
8. Any bathing or pot cleaning must be done 100 feet away from water sources.
9. Please do not collect natural features. This includes antlers.
10. Mushroom gathering is illegal.
11. Please use common sense when creating fires. If the flames are as high as your head, maybe it's time to tone things down. Do not leave fires unattended. Make sure fires are completely out.
12. Do not take more than 50 pounds of dead and downed wood per day per campsites. The exception is Miners Ridge and Ossagon Creek campsites which are strictly driftwood only.




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