Wind Cave National Park
lone tree in prairie during sunset at wind cave national park

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Wind Cave National Park is a 28,295 acre gem bordering the Black Hills of South Dakota. Its main features include the densest cave system in the world, and a majestic mix grassed prairie teeming with wildlife such as elk, bison, pronghorn and golden eagles. There's no question that this is a rare type of park in the lower 48. Most of the preserved land we have is of the forest and mountain type. Wind Cave can truly be called a multidimensional park experience when you factor in the rich prairie and the world class cave system.

The Wind Cave itself was discovered and named in 1881 by Jesse and Tom Bingham when as they were walking by, they noticed wind whistling from a tiny hole in the ground. The legend goes that when one of the brothers bent down to get a closer look, the force of the wind blew his hat off.

Wind Cave is a very pleasant surprise. If you like big game animals, raptors, caves, and a mix of long lost prairie and pine forest, this is your place.


Park facts:
Location: Western South Dakota
Established: January 9th, 1903
Total acreage: 28,295
Streams: Few
First cave to be designated park in world
95% of the worlds boxwork formations
densest cave system in the world
119 miles of cave passageways
Largest remaining mixed grass prairie in the U.S.
Bison herd one of four free roaming herds in U.S.
Large elk herd
Campgrounds: 1
Hiking Trails: 30 miles
Class 1 Night Sky
67 mammal species
150-200 bird species
Visitation: : 591,000


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Hot Springs, SD 57747-6027

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